Division of Marital Property

In California, the general presumption is that all property acquired during a marriage is community property. Community property entitles each party to an equal distribution of property following a divorce. The same presumption applies to marital debts; any liabilities incurred during the marriage should also be split equally following a divorce. The process of identifying what truly is community property and dividing it can be very difficult. Many assets acquired before or during marriage or after separation can be mixed assets. It is important to decipher the specific nature of each property and the particular property interests in each asset. Identifying and valuing community property can mean receiving a small property distribution or a very large one. This can be a time-consuming and very stressful process.

Amy is an experienced family law attorney who has dealt extensively with discovery issues related to property division and full disclosure of assets including, but not limited to: real property, personal property, bank accounts, and pensions. Amy also has experience with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) for distribution of pensions and other retirement accounts upon dissolution of marriage.

Amy will guide you through this process and zealously advocate for the absolute best possible property division for you.