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The Law Office of Amy Ghosh, APC is a full-service law firm located in Los Angeles, California.

The firm emphasizes its practice in the areas of Immigration, Family and Business law. Our firm provides competent and creative representation for individuals and businesses.  Our focus is on achieving the interests and objectives of our clients through the most efficient and economic means possible.  Our relationships with other businesses and service providers allows our clients strategic and economic options and flexibility as to how their matter will be handled.  We recognize that legal disputes can be a burden on individuals, families, and business, and we strive to resolve disputes with an eye to minimizing the pressures on our clients and resolving their legal needs without litigation. However, we are persuasive and articulate in the courtroom, and will vigorously pursue and defend your interests.

Resolving business disputes is a primary area of our practice and we represent suppliers, vendors, purchasers, employers, employees, shareholders, officers, and consumers. The business disputes we handle frequently feature complex sets of facts and procedural issues, and our clients benefit from the rich base of knowledge that comes with our diverse clientele and case history. We know that business disputes may necessitate bankruptcy and appellate representation, and we are ready to handle such issues to help you keep your balance, or get you back on your feet.

Whether called upon to negotiate and resolve disputes pre-litigation, to litigate a case through trial, or to provide advice and representation in the aftermath of an adverse judgment, the Law Offices of Amy Ghosh provides creative and practical legal solutions.

Immigration: Non-Immigrant & Immigrant (Employment-Based and Family-Based) visas, all Citizenship matters including Asylum.

Civil Litigation: Torts, Personal Injury, Appeals (State & Federal)



Employment: Representation of Plaintiffs and Defendants in matters involving Hour and Wage Law Disputes, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination


Business: Incorporation, Franchising, Negotiation, Contracts, Litigation, Taxation, and Immigration.


Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support and Division of Property

Other areas: Bankruptcy, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property

3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2270, Los Angeles, California 90010

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