Employment Law (Employer)

The success of your business is contingent not only on your ability to deal successfully with problems as they arise, but also on your ability and willingness to take on a proactive role in preventing problems. These qualities can serve you well in your relationships with employees, a major area of concern for most employers.

The costs associated with employee-related disputes can adversely affect your employees’ productivity and the profitability of your business. The key to successful results in almost every employment law dispute is a prompt resolution. The key to that, in turn, is to retain a law firm that understands not only the law, but also your business and the importance of putting forward an aggressive defense early on.

Our focus is on resolving employment law disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible given the circumstances. In practice, our lawyers defend employers in administrative hearings before various government agencies, in mediation and arbitration, and in state and federal court cases involving:

  • Wage-and-hour claims
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Discrimination claims
  • Employment status claims
  • Wrongful discharge claims
  • Qui Tam or whistleblower claims
  • Sexual harassment claims

Proactive Services

Well-drafted employment contracts and sound employment practices can prevent many problems well in advance. To that end, our firm assists employers in drafting severance, separation, non-compete and other types of employee agreements. We also provide sound legal counsel designed to assist clients in complying with applicable employment laws, including WARN Act issues related to business bankruptcies.